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  1. »Do the M@th« - Pianist Ethan Iverson interviews Musicians
  2. »Jazz Fun« - Jazz Blog & Photographie by Jacek Brun
  3. »Pablo Held Invastigates« - Musician Interviews
  4. »Sons of Miles« - Blog Serie by musician & writer Mike Zwerin
  5. »Uncle Paul's Jazz Closet« - Blog on Drummer Paul Motian


  1. Abercrombie, John »Live @Skopje Jazz Festival 2013«
  2. Lewis, Mel »The History of Jazz Drums« (a must have!)
  3. Moses, Bob Drum Book »Drum Wisdom«
  4. Philly Joe Jones »Brush Artistry«
  5. Percussive Arts Society »The 40 intern. Drum Rudiments«
  6. Tracy, Brian »Eat That Frog« Free Audio Book
  7. Tough, Dave »Advanced Paradiddle Exercises«
  8. Whiteside, Abby »Incorp. Tools of Great Piano Pedagogy«


  1. Morell, Marty »Play Brushes« (how to bend wires @2:23)
  2. Sizzle Cymbal without drilling your Cymbal!


  1. Husband, Gary »A Meeting Of Spirits« (Piano Solo)
  2. Mc Henry, Bill (ts) »Proximity« (Duo + Andrew Cyrille (dm)
  3. Nowak, Matthias »Common Ground« (feat. Bill Elgart - dm)
  4. Rossy, Jorge Vibes Quintet »Beyond Sunday«
  5. Rossy-Kanan Quartett playing »Bud Powell« (CD)
  6. Rossy-Kanan Quartett play Harold Arlen (CD)
  7. Rossy, Jorge (p) »Wicca« A. Sanchez (org) & R.J. Miller (dm)
  8. Turner, Mark »The Music of Mercedes Rossy«


  1. »Alles nur geklaut« - Austin Kleon (dtsch. Ausgabe) Erhellendes Buch über Mindset Fragen für Kreative! (Kindle)
  2. »Dropping Bombs on Paris« - Mike Zwerin - Awesome Information about legendary Jazz Drummer Kenny Clarke
  3. »Eat That Frog« - Brian Tracy (dtsch) Zeitmanagement lebensnah! (Kindle)
  4. »Eat That Frog« - Brian Tracy (engl.) Time management & making effective decisions. Great! (Kindle)
  5. »Erleben durch die Sinne« - Ch. Brooks | Buch fürs Leben! Für kreative Menschen großartig!
  6. »Gradus Ad Parnassum« - Joseph Fux (Wonderful book on »The Study of Counterpoint« recommended to me by the great Thomas Morgan (b)
  7. »Gradus Ad Parnassum« by Joseph Fux (dtsch.) Musiker wie Joseph Hayden studierten Kontrapunkt mit diesem Buch. Kontrapunkt verständlich erklärt in Form einer Geschichte!
  8. »Klook« Mike Hennessey's Kenny Clarke Biographie (dtsch.)
  9. »Klook« The Story of Kenny Clarke (M. Hennessey) (engl.)
  10. »Klook« (Paperback) The Story of ... (M. Hennessy) (engl.)
  11. »Show Your Work« - Austin Kleon - Great book on presenting yourself on the web as an artists (Kindle)
  12. »Show Your Work« - Austin Kleon (dtsch.) Gute Tipps für Kreative bzgl. Präsentation im Internet / Social Media etc. (Kindle)
  13. »Steal Like an Artist« - Austin Kleon - Great book for creative people about Mindset


  1. Bartok, Bela »Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion«
  2. Clarke, Kenny »Klook's Clique« (Compl. Album)
  3. Clarke, Kenny »Interview!« (Danish Television 1970)
  4. Clarke, Kenny »Live in Italy« (RAIUNO)
  5. Clarke, Kenny with Big Band 1962 (RAIUNO)
  6. Drake, Hamid In Concert live @IsoleCheParlano (Drums Solo)
  7. Elgart, Bill »A Drummer« (lovely docum. by Joshua Elgart)
  8. Humphrey, Paul - Portrait of s.o.t. most recorded Drummer
  9. Humphrey, Paul (dms) on »Ain't that a Kick in the Head«
  10. Johannsson, Johann (RIP) »Fortlandia« (Visionary Composer)
  11. Lev, Ray - Schuhmann Novellette Op. 21 No. 8 (Piano)
  12. Mc Henry, Bill (ts) »Proximity« (Duo + Andrew Cyrille (dm)
  13. Nowak, Matthias »Common Ground« (feat. Bill Elgart - dm)
  14. Purves, Alan Creative Drummer and Sound Artist
  15. Rossy, Jorge Vibes Quintett live mit Joey Baron
  16. Rossy, Jorge »Jazz Documentary«
  17. Rossy, Jorge & Aarhus Jazz Orchestra (live)
  18. Sahin, Timucin 4 »Nothing Bad Can Happen« (4-tett)


  1. Abercrombie, John Appreciation Society
  2. All about Jazz - »All About Jazz« (umfangreiche Ressource)
  3. Bandcamp - direkt Portal Fan-Musiker »Bandcamp«
  4. Beato, Rick »Everything Music« - (Alles über Musik!)
  5. Henson, Christian -  Film Composer Insights (YT Channel)
  6. Hogue, Maurice »One Man's Jazz« (Radio Show)
  7. Motian, Paul  - The life's work of P. Motian (Drums)
  8. Neely, Adam »New Horizonts In Music« (ähm - Ja!)
  9. Primack, Bret - »The Jazz Video Guy« (Filmemacher)
  10. Taintradio - »taintradio.org« 24/7 independent Musik Programm!